Fusix IP network is designed to provide 100% Internet and Virtual Leased Lines availability.


The Fusix IP network is designed to provide 100% availability on IP and Virtual Leased Lines.

Our network .

Internet service is delivered from our Autonomous Systems Number (AS) 57866 on a footprint of data centers in The Netherlands.

The core infrastructure is layered: our clients connect to core routers located in NIKHEF and euNetworks, while our upstreams and peering partners connect to our 3 border routers in NIKHEF, Digital Realty, and Equinix. This layering ensures that our upstream and downstream capacities are separated and have no common points of failure.

Each layer is redundant in itself, and in each on-net data center all clients connect to both core routers at no additional cost. Strategic upstreams and dedicated wired access to cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are deployed on at least 2 of the 3 border routers.

Our network design results in our ability to provide non-overbooked, high performance Internet access, IP transit and private, point-to-point connections to service infrastructures that our clients host in a cloud network or in a twin data center.

Our routing policy is to provide
the fastest routes AVAILABLE.

On-net data centers in The Netherlands .

Looking glass .

Our Looking Glass provides insight into our network: what routes do we have, which one have we chosen, and why. This is for those BGP nerds among us. 

BGP communities .

This document describes the BGP communities which are used by Fusix Networks (AS57866). These communities can be used for their pure informational value and/or to modify the behavior of the routing service provided by AS57866. The communities are strictly applied and provide our customers with the opportunity to steer their traffic and fine-tune their routes.