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Fusix Networks exists since the 20th century. We provide data center Internet connectivity (including the hardware to build it, and consultancy to configure it) to our most demanding customers. We do so by operating a network that has the best possible - fastest - routes and has been built with redundancy as a feature, not an option. 

Get in touch .

What does a network engineer want in life? To learn! What better way to learn than by hearing the latest gossip straight from the horse’s mouth. Want to learn how to stop a DDOS? Why not listen to the people who do so every day. Want to learn how traceroute works? We’re here to teach. 


Soldaatweg 18
1521 RL Wormerveer

Company info

CoC/KvK: Amsterdam, 59670975
VAT/BTW: NL8535.97.741B01

We help companies that use our Network Services to take control of their Internet routes

Our team .

The Fusix Networks team is dedicated to helping our customers keep their infrastructure online. 

Niels Raijer .

Owner and CTO

Niels Raijer has 25 years of experience in IP networking and next to his work at Fusix is also an activist in making Internet a better and more secure place. He is vice-president of the Dutch Network Operator’s Group (NLNOG), co-author of the Juniper Day One book about deployment of Resource Public Key Infrastructure for Routing Security on Juniper routers and chairman of the Route Server Support Foundation that supports the development of route server software for Internet Exchanges to further the quality and safety of the Internet routing system.

Yulia Makhlin .


Yulia Makhlin has over 20 years of background in Internet product development. In the past 5 years she has been responsible for the scalability and management automation of the Fusix network services, as well as for consulting customers who wish to build or upgrade their own networks.

Pavel Patskevich .

Network Engineer

Pavel is an engineer like no other: according to him, a rack is not finished if the cabling isn't perfect. And at the same time he will configure an Air Console server, an ESX cluster or put additional solar panels on the roof of our office. He is your main operational contact, helping customers but also maintaining all Fusix POPs.