Your company may not see itself as an Internet Service Provider, but in the world of today, business continuity requires that the users of your Internet applications receive the best (fastest) routes. This is achievable, only if your company establishes its own presence on the Internet by maintaining an independent IP network and connecting it to the core of the Internet where Tier 1 carriers operate.

Each enterprise has unique requirements regarding presence of its business applications on the Internet. These requirements are expressed, when your IP network talks BGP protocol to the rest of Internet and uses IP transit from a provider with reach uplinks to multiple Tier 1 carriers. Yet, most enterprises continue to rely on a third party for all key decisions, because they may not have a  necessary IP networking expertise in-house.

Where to start? Fusix Networks approach starts with business requirement consultancy that leads to network design and implementation, followed by network monitoring and maintenance –  never losing the goal of having an independent, optimized and consolidated IP network to grow your business from sight. All our designs are robust, IPv6 enabled, secure and manageable.

The result is that your IP network is an independent entity on the Internet and uses the IP transit from Fusix Networks for the best quality routes through the Tier 1 carrier networks. This service is realised redundantly on the Fusix own infrastructure as shown on our network diagram, which results in the Fusix ability to offer the highest Service Level guarantee known among Internet Service Providers today. Read more about IP transit and Managed Internet Access services.

Finally, Fusix TeamWorks (customer portal) gives a permanent, real-time insight into the availability and quality of the IP transit service together with the best practice tools for network troubleshooting, maintenance and management. IP network training for your staff and 24/7 network support by Fusix NOC are provided by default.

For customers with an office in The Netherlands, we also deliver direct access from the office to the data center infrastructure. Internet connectivity for office is in the range from 1000 Mbps up & down fiber to the smallest 512 Kbps ADSL connections and very affordable VDSL connections with up to 50 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up on existing copper wires. We establish a unified IP network across the Internet connectivity in the office and the IP infrastructure at the data center, which results in a manageable, secure and direct data exchange between the two.