IP Transit

Fusix Networks offers IP transit, peering, Internet access, out of band connection and VLAN services tailored to any business need. Each service is always complemented by our Customer Portal tools for troubleshooting, monitoring and management of your  network devices.

Customer Portal provides a permanent, real-time insight into amount and flows of data, performance and availability status of all your IP devices, and professional tools for management of IP networks of any size. The back-end of the Portal is our in-house developed software designed to put the best-practice network operation tools in your hands, without a need to install any hardware and/or software.

IP transit service always includes:

  • 2 ports with 1 or 10 Gbit throughput,
  • bandwidth usage measurement by 95 percentile, or a flat fee for 1 or 10 Gbit throughput,
  • unique for the flat fee Transit: automatic fall-over to the backup (inactive) port, and 99,95% up-time SLA,
  • for the usage-based Transit: both ports are active with link aggregation,
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses,
  • full BGP sessions or default route,
  • use of the Fusix’s recursive DNS service,
  • 24/7 availability of professional Network Operation Centre,
  • Fusix Teamworks: customer portal with real-time information about bandwidth usage, flows (UDP, TCP, ICMP etc), anti-DDoS response tools, availability status of all network devices, setup of reverse DNS and more.

With the Fusix IP peering service, your network gets connected to Internet Exchanges without the need to take Internet Exchange ports youself! We will send you all routes we learn at all Internet Exchanges where we are present, and we will announce your routes on all those exchanges.

Internet Access is the product you need for fast, reliable connectivity in a data center in case you do not want to build your own network. You use the superior routes that our network offers without the need to set up your own routers or BGP. The Internet Access service is delivered with any amount of IPv4 addresses that you require and one /48 of IPv6 addresses and you can connect your server(s) directly, via a switch or firewall, and use our Customer Portal “Teamworks” for traffic management.

Internet access in a data center can be complemented by a manageable and secure layer 3 Internet to your office. In this setup, your servers in the data center are reachable from the office via a secure privet Internet line.

VLAN service provides you with layer 2 connectivity between any two of our on-net data centers. You can connect your own router(s) or server(s) to the circuit and have an ethernet virtual-wire between them. The VLAN service is delivered by Fusix always protected, meaning that inside Fusix backbone for each VLAN there are multiple paths with automatic fall back. If you require redundant connectivity with Fusix backbone, then order 2 ports (each on a separate physical switch) on both ends of your VLAN.

Out Of Band management service is meant for connecting devices with low bandwidth requirements such as a console server or VPN device, in order to make your network equipment reachable out of band in case your production network would encouter difficulties. The OOB port comes with 1 usable IPv4 address and a /64 subnet of IPv6 adresses. It can be delivered in all of our on-net data centers.

All Fusix IP services are delivered from AS 57866 in all data centres in The Netherlands, where we have a point of presence:

  • Digital Realty (DRT) AMS 1 (Science Park 120, 1098 XG Amsterdam),
  • Digital Realty (DRT) AMS2 (H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 127, NH 1096 AM, Amsterdam)
  • dataplace Rotterdam (Van Coulsterweg 6, 2952 CB Alblasserdam),
  • dataplace Groenekan (Koningin Wilhelminaweg 471, 3737 BE Groenekan),
  • dataplace Arnhem (Tivolilaan 251, 6802 EG Arnhem)
  • Equinix AM1/2, Luttenbergweg 4, 1101 EC Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM3 (Science Park 610, 1098 XH Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM4 (Science Park 610, 1098 XH Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM5 (Schepenbergweg 42, 1105 AT Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM6 (Amstel Business Park Campus, Duivendrechtsekade 80A, 1096 AH Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM7 (Kuiperbergweg 13, 1101AE Amsterdam)
  • Equinix AM8 (Gyroscoopweg 2E-F, 1042AM Amsterdam)
  • euNetworks (Paul van Vlissingenstraat 16, 1096 BK Amsterdam),
  • EvoSwitch (J.W. Lucasweg 35, 2031 BE Haarlem),
  • NIKHEF (Science Park 103, 1098 XG Amsterdam),
  • TDCG Amsterdam (Kabelweg 48, 1014 BB Amsterdam), and

Fusix core IP network is a growing 80 Gbps mix of AMS-IX, Astroid, Telia Carrier, Sparkle and Tata Communications, and has private peering with Liberty Global. It runs full BGP, meaning that for all prefixes (IP ranges) on the Internet, our network knows what the shortest path is, and which other paths there are. This creates speed and redundancy for our IP Transit service: the core network knows what the shortest path is and makes sure that each customer alway gets the best route. For instance, it will not send traffic that can stay inside The Netherlands via a path through the US. Knowing what other paths there are, enables the network to choose a backup path automatically and instantly.

Use of IP transit service is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy.

We also offer IP network consultancy and configuration services to setup your own IP network: announce via BGP your own IP address range(s) to the whole (or a part of the) Internet, so that all other networks know how to reach you. This can also be done using a virtual router in the Fusix core network, which relieves you of purchasing of any hardware or software. Read about building your own IP network.

Of course, if your business requires physical hardware infrastructure, Fusix is here to help too. See Hands-on service for an overview of our hardware installation and configuration services.

Feel free to request your IP Transit quote today.