About Fusix

Established in 2011 by a champion IP network engineer, Fusix Networks is fully focused on building IP networks for its customers and connecting them to the core of Internet by the fastest and most relevant routes.

IP transit connectivity is delivered in (currently) 10 data centers in The Netherlands through a robust infrastructure of Fusix with its uplinks to Internet exchanges and Tier 1 networks. See Fusix core network drawing

In the world of today, business continuity requires that the users of your Internet applications receive the best (fast and always up) routes. This is achievable only when your company establishes its own presence on the Internet by maintaining an independent IP network and connecting it to the core of the Internet where Tier 1 carriers operate.

Fusix Networks provides consultancy services that lead to a network design and implementation plan, followed by network configuration, monitoring and maintenance –  never losing the goal of your own  independent, optimized and consolidated IP network. All our network designs are robust, IPv6 enabled, secure and manageable.

The result is that we launch independent IP networks and provide them with IP transit for the best quality routes to the core of the global Internet. IP transit is delivered through a robust core infrastructure of Fusix Networks, which results in or ability to offer the highest Service Level guarantee known at the Internet Service Providers market.

Finally, Fusix TeamWorks (customer portal) gives a permanent, real-time graphical insight into the availability and quality of the IP transit connectivity, as well as the best practice tools for network troubleshooting, maintenance and management. IP network training for your staff and 24/7 network support by Fusix NOC are provided by default.

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