Building and connecting IP networks

After many years in the ISP business, we firmly believe that your customers deserve that your Internet applications are hosted in your own IP network. With your own network, you can make routing changes immediately and don't have to depend on a third party. Your customers will notice a remarkable difference as your application will be reachable through the best connections - and not through the channels that your ISP happens to choose (usually based on price). In addition, you can set your own maintenance windows and security policies and don't have to follow your provider's. Fusix consultants help to find out what your Internet application needs and to build a cost-effective IP network that serves your customers best. Don't let other people decide how your customers experience your product. Start your own IP network today and connect it through a robust infrastructure of Fusix right to the hart of the global Internet.

IP networking

Grow your business by taking control of what drives your presence on the Internet. We help to find out what your Internet applications need and provide network design, configuration, implementation and migration services -  never losing the goal of having an independent, optimized and consolidated IP network to grow your business from sight. All our designs are robust, IPv6 enabled, secure and manageable.

IP Transit

Fusix Networks is present in 10 datacenters in the Netherlands, where it delivers a managed IP transit service from its AS 57866 straight to the core of the global Internet. The Fusix network is a growing 80Gbps mix of NL Internet Exchanges and Tier 1 upstreams, combined with strategic private peering across dedicated interconnects. The Teamworks Customer portal provides a permanent, real-time graphical view of the IP transit service and the best practice tools for your IP network operation.

Installation Services

Our focus is on providing service to international companies that need a presence in Amsterdam. Our staff can receive hardware shipments on your behalf, prepare IP devices for installation and perform all installation and troubleshooting hands-on tasks in any Dutch data center within a pre-agreed time limit - so your staff don't have to travel.